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Dr. Jill’s Miracle Mold Detox Box by Quicksilver Scientific

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  • Contains six unique products to support detoxification following mold exposure
  • Upregulates the three phases of detoxification by utilizing our “push-catch” protocol design
  • Supports energy production, cellular recovery, and mitochondrial health
  • Promotes remineralization to support healthy electrolyte balance

Dr. Jill Carnahan and Quicksilver Scientific® have teamed up to create this 30-day protocol kit designed to provide effective, comprehensive detoxification from mold exposure. This protocol upregulates phase I, II and III detoxification, improves mitochondrial function by super-charging ATP production, and supports electrolyte balance and remineralization.

Dr. Jill’s Miracle Mold Detox Box contains:

  • X1 Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce®
  • X1 Liposomal Glutathione Complex
  • X1 NAD+ Gold™(50ml)
  • X2 Ultra Binder® Sensitive Formula
  • X1 Quinton® Hypertonic (30 ampoules) 
  • X1 Quinton® Isotonic (30 ampoules)
The Glutathione Complex and NAD+ Gold included in this box should be refrigerated upon receipt. Our heat sensitive products can be exposed to high temperatures for short periods of time (5-7 days) with no damage to the product.
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