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Reversing Digestive Symptoms..... Naturally

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Candida, SIBO, Constipation, Diarrhea, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, even just gas and bloating can be reversed naturally. If you are suffering from one of these labels then you have found the right place. By discovering the ROOT CAUSE of your illness, real treatment begins. Digestive Warrior is a place you can explore the most trending and effective natural strategies for digestive healing. Through cutting edge Functional Medicine strategies combined with very basic concepts of Chinese Medicine, you can heal.

If you want to truly get to the source of your condition and stop simply masking the symptoms.....read on.

Karen is a Nationally Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine, licensed as a Primary Healthcare Provider in New Mexico, as well as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Her passion for assisting others in healing from digestive disorders stems from her own debilitating experiences with Ulcerative Colitis. Through her extensive training, research and clinical practice she has developed a deep understanding of Root Cause of disease. It is through this understanding that she offers her services in helping others find their unique path to healing digestive issues that are impairing one’s quality of life. Her sophisticated approach involves the latest scientific research on how genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle all contribute to illness. She strongly believes that the Integration of Western biochemistry and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer the deepest potential for healing.

Dysbiosis (imbalance in the gut flora) and 'leaky gut' are synonymous with INFECTION. These infections lie on a spectrum causing varying degrees of symptoms. The more challenged your immune system, the harder it is to get the body to recognize and resolve infection.


My 4-Step Approach to Overcome Digestive Disorders

Step #1: REMOVE
You must remove the infection before you do anything else. This can be done with powerful antimicrobials (natural antibiotics).


Step #2: REPLACE
Infection may have left you depleted of stomach acid or enzymes to digest food.


You will have to support the body with good bacteria. There is much evidence now that very little if any ‘probiotics’ can withstand the acidity of the stomach……have taking traditional probiotics ever really helped you? Soil based probiotics are necessary as they DO survive the stomach and create natural antibiotics in the gut lining that assist in eliminating infection. Read my blog on soil organisms here.


Step # 4: REPAIR
The mucosal lining of the intestines has been compromised due to dysbiosis/infection. Inflammation has caused the tight junctions of the colon wall to loosen, allowing undigested food particles to seep through- this spells brain fog and fatigue among many other things. The lining will naturally begin to heal itself once infection is resolved, however, assisting the body in this process is important.


Visit my Protocols section to find your specific condition to get started in restoring  your microbiome.


"Karen makes an exceptional practitioner who cares deeply about her patient's well-being; approaching body and health in a holistic way. She believes in healing rather than curing which helped me take a long term view in addressing my chronic Ulcerative Colitis. Despite me being remote she has been available more than a local physician to me, checking on me on a regular basis. I found her treatment plan is supported by her depth of reading, research and most importantly tremendous passion especially knowing she has personal healing experience to back it."
Mahesh Naphade
"I had no idea what the REAL cause of my Crohn's diagnosis was. It terrifies me to think I could have gone on forever not knowing. My life has took a new direction. Every day I am improving. Karen has a lot to offer in both Eastern and Western schools of thought. For me personally, this was important, as I really appreciate both. I now understand my condition in both directions. Wish I would have 'gotten' it years ago, but here I am. So grateful for the information that's been so hidden."
Daniel Sutherland
"Karen is an exceptional practitioner and compassionate human being. She provided direction and support during my 12 year old son’s battle with, and healing from, C. difficile. We met Karen when we were frightened and lost; her guidance calmed us and put my son back on the path to health. Her commitment to provide the highest quality of care, with empathy, will never be forgotten. She is truly outstanding"
Jessica S.

Heal Your Gut with the Powerful Combination of Functional and Chinese Medicine!

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