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Yeast Control by Mini Minerals

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Yeast Control is made from an unusual food-grade Plankton. The silica of this plankton is uniquely treated and processed to help us have healthy support for our immune system. It is not a poison or toxin. The microscopic silica in the product is part of the plankton.

Yeast Control is a way to go natural without fear of dissolving your liver or kidneys with chemicals. Directions (adults) 1/ Start with 1 teaspoon morning or evening. If you do not feel any fatigue you may choose to increase to 2 teaspoons the next day. Keep moving the amount up until you feel some fatigue. This tells you you have reached the amount of fungus you can kill off and get rid of through the bowels.
Fatigue occurs when you cannot get rid of a lot of dead fungus SO back off for a few days and then go up again. Try to get up to 2 heaping tablespoons per day.
Since fungus kills our friendly bacteria, many choose to take 5 or 6 capsules of probiotics every day or our DIGEST RC which causes the liver to release more bile. This solves digestion and bowel problems. Best time to use it is away from other products. However, anytime is fine. Bloating or producing gas may be a sign you may have eaten a fungus-feeding food,. 1 teaspoon in about 4 ounces of water before or after eating may stop this in about 10 minutes. (Once you ever get over-run with fungus, 99.99% of the time it may return).
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