Tetracumin QR 120 Count by Tesseract Medical Research

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TetraCumin-QR is designed to maximize the bioavailability of curcumin (found in tumeric) in the body to help maintain a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body.

  • CURCUMIN SUPPLEMENT: TetraCumin-QR is formulated with bioavailable curcumin. Curcumin can help support a normal inflammatory response in the body which may also benefit joint & muscle health*
  • EASE MUSCLE PAIN: Joint & muscle pain can interfere with sleep, work, & exercise. Curcumin may help relieve symptoms of muscle & joint pain.* TetraCumin-QR delivers quick-release, bioavailable curcumin.
  • RADICAL ADVANCEMENT: We make potent, breakthrough dietary supplements & medical foods using patent-pending technology. Use TMR products to help guard against chronic illness & revolutionize your health!
  • PROVEN INGREDIENTS, OPTIMAL DELIVERY:¬†Tesseract uses advanced scientific technology to create effective dietary supplements designed to support neurological, musculoskeletal, immune & GI health.
  • NATURE AT FULL POWER: Tesseract Medical Research offers effective, uniquely bioavailable nutritional support supplements designed to help patients struggling to restore their health in the modern world.
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