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Stabilium 200 Garum Armoricum by Allergy Research Group

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Research confirms what was known in ancient times, and shows that Garum may be useful for coping with stresses from work or personal life, and can support healthy sleep patterns, energy, memory, and mood.

• Supports the body’s response to stress
 • Provides nutritional support for memory and cognitive function

One double blind, placebo controlled study showed support for cognitive function, memory, and fatigue in adults. Another study showed that Stabilium® 200 specifically supported motivation, concentration, learning, immediate memorization, and the capacity for differentiated memorization (REY) across all age groups, and especially for the older members of the test population. In an eight week, double blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study with college students, Stabilium® 200 was found to be effective in supporting comfort levels before and during examinations.

Garum Armoricum is created from the fish Blue Ling (Molva dypterygia), found in deep waters off the Armorican peninsula of Brittany.
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