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SC Cleanser by Systemic Formulas

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This powerful, skin immune supporting, proanthocyanidin-rich (antioxidant) extract formula comes from fermented grapefruit rind and is a topical application for temporary skin issues. Highly concentrated, it’s intended to be diluted

This formula used topically cleanses persistent infections; it is the blemish fighting formula. Use topically as a wet dressing for acne, skin rashes, chicken pox, poison ivy, poison oak, etc. Also used for yeast infections, mixed with warm water and applied as a douche.


RECOMMENDED USAGE: Dilute: 1 part SC to 10 parts of water; apply as needed for 1-2 weeks; or as directed.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate

WARNING: May cause (rarely) an allergic reaction. Begin with 1 drop and increase as needed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

DO NOT USE products containing Leptotoenia (Lomatium Dissecutim) DURING PREGNANCY.

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