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Replenish Kit by Deseret Biologicals

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The Replenish Kit is part of DesBio’s 30-day Replenish Mitochondrial Health Program that combines nutraceuticals and homeopathics to fortify cellular energy-producing pathways and temporarily relieve the symptoms of mitochondrial sluggishness. The kit contains the following products along with a practitioner guide:

Liposomal Restore
Liposomal Catalyst
Liposomal Magnesium
Bio Cytotox Phase
Bio Co-Enzyme Phase

Liposomal Restore: offers replenishment of essential B vitamin co-factors and vitamin C in a liposomal delivery system
Liposomal Catalyst: provides critical Krebs cycle intermediates in a liposomal delivery system to support optimal energy production, mitochondrial health, and recovery pathways
Liposomal Magnesium: provides high potency magnesium in a liposomal delivery system to support neurological, skeletal, and cardiovascular health.
Bio Cytotox Phase: a homeopathic formula for the temporary relief of symptoms of fatigue, slowed metabolism, and weakened constitution
Bio Co-Enzyme Phase: a homeopathic formula for the temporary relief of symptoms such as exhaustion, fatigue, and feelings of low energy

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