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Quercetin Bioflavonoids by Allergy Research Group

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• Can help stabilize cell membranes, and support the integrity of mast cells

• Provide nutritional support for the vascular system

• Have gastro-protective and cardio-protective properties 

• Support normal function of the immune system
Size: 100 Capsules

Quercetin and other bioflavonoids can enhance the body’s ability to control the release of histamine and other important signaling pathway metabolites, such as prostaglandins and leukotrines. They can support the integrity of mast cells, possibly due in part to their ability to stabilize cell membranes, making them less reactive to allergens. Overall, quercetin and other bioflavonoids appear to support the health of the vascular system, by enhancing the strength and permeability of the capillaries, supporting coronary vasorelaxation, and helping to protect cholesterol and tissues in the body from oxidative damage.

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