Mold Cleanse by CellCore

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  • Neutralize Toxins: Counteract the endotoxins from pathogens and harmful bacteria by binding and removing their byproducts
  • Fight Fatigue: Restore your ability to generate energy by increasing oxygen and the minerals needed for cellular processes
  • Renew and Rebuild: Provide the building blocks needed to help repair the tissues, pathways, and organs damaged by mold

What's Included:

BioToxin Binder: BioToxin Binder is different than older clay or charcoal binders. Their binding ability comes from microporosity that provides surface area that is unheard of with old, spent carbon binders. Our BioActive Carbon molecules provide an additional ability to bind, chelate, and repair that spent carbons don’t have.

BioActive Carbon Iodine: Iodine helps convert thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) to triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones promote proper bone and brain development, and appropriate levels of iodine are important for everyone, especially for infants and those who are pregnant.

BioActive Carbon Minerals:  At the heart of BioActive Carbon Minerals is the naturally occurring, highly refined and naturally chelated extracts of Fulvic Acid. This means 100% organically complexed nano-sized molecules which can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily. 

BioMolecular Oxygen: Proper oxygen levels are a requirement for efficient cellular respiration. Oxygen is a highly reactive element, meaning that it bonds easily with so many other elements. This has proven a challenge in efforts to create oxygen supplements that have the ability to go systemic, and not just die in the gut. 

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