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Mini Grounding Bag by EMF ROCKS

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The Deep Sleep Grounding Bag works so well, everyone asked for one that they can carry with them on-the-go. The Mini Grounding Bag is your new, portable protection from man-made EMF's. It is perfect for a purse or pocket. You can also put it in your kids' backpack.

This bag contains one solid, pick, Tesla rock nugget. It is sealed inside a mini Faraday Bag to preserve it. Please keep it sealed and use it as-is. The bag needs to remain sealed to maintain the compressed moisture content and magnetic properties for repelling EMF, grounding, and recharging.
Many like to put the Mini Grounding Bag in their pocket with their cell phone on the outside. The hand-mined crystals provide an incredible layer of protection between your cell phone and your body. This is an ideal gift for everyone.
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