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MC-BFM-P by Beyond Balance

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MC-BFM-P™ was designed for use with the pediatric and hypersensitive population.*

This is a very potent formula.

You may need to start with just a pinch one time a day.*

This formula is optimally used with patients who are past initial treatment for microbial issues.*

While taking MC-BFM-P™, the concurrent use of TOX-EASE BIND™ combined with either the TOX-EASE GL™ COGNEASE DETOX™, or TOX-EASE™ formula to support detoxification is highly recommended.* This may assist in eliminating significant Herxheimer reactions.*

NOTE: 4 capsules of MC-BFM-P™ is equivalent to 1 capsule of MC-BFM-1™.

MC-BFM-P™ was designed for use with the pediatric and hypersensitive population.* This gentler version of MC-BFM-1™ combines the plant sterol found in Guggul with enzymes and may affect the breakdown and prevention of biofilm activity in the body.* Studies reveal that Guggul has a significant effect on total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, thereby substantiating its ability to break down fats in the bloodstream.* According to one study, Guggul may also have a positive effect on neuroinflammation.* Enzymes contained in this formula assist in the breakdown of waste materials.* These waste materials are converted to by-products that can more easily be eliminated by the body naturally.*

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