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MC-BB-2 by Beyond Balance

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MC-BB-2™ was formulated to offer comprehensive core immune support.

MC-BB-2™ may be useful for those whose constitution requires stronger support or has become complacent with conventional therapies.* Clinicians are finding MC-BB-2™ may also be useful following MC-BB-1™ for those with long-term compromised immunity.*

MC-BB-2™ may be used with other Core Immune Support formulas.

While taking MC-BB-2™, the concurrent use of TOX-EASE BIND™ combined with either the TOX-EASE GL™COGNEASE DETOX™, or TOX-EASE™ formula to support detoxification is highly recommended.* This may assist in eliminating significant Herxheimer reactions.*

WARNING: This formula contains Motherwort, an herb which may be contraindicated for those taking cardiac medications or blood pressure medication.

MC-BB-2™ was formulated to offer comprehensive core immune support. Herbs found in this unique formula may offer support to the immune system’s natural defenses in resisting pathogens.* Stillingia has been shown in studies to exhibit possible inhibitory properties against several bacterial organisms.* Studies indicate that Motherwort may be useful in improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and supporting the CNS.* It may also possess neuroprotective properties according to research.* Clinical use of Plantain has shown it may be immunomodulatory and may support the respiratory and digestive tract.* Clove and Black Walnut may exhibit antipathogenic and vermifuge activity.* Studies reveal that Skullcap may possess constituents that support the CNS.*

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