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Liposomal Transzyme by Deseret Biologicals

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  • Broad-spectrum formula containing powerful proteolytic enzymes for supporting healthy inflammatory responses
  • May dissolve biofilm and pathogen defense shields
  • Minimizes discomfort associated with allergies
  • Encourages healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Supports healthy detoxification pathways
  • Encourages quick recovery from injuries

Liposomal Transzyme provides systemic support for muscle, joint and overall tissue health. This revolutionary product incorporates proteolytic enzymes into a liposomal delivery system. Liposomal delivery of enzymes allow them to bypass the digestive tract and enter the blood stream where they can directly influence inflammatory activity.

**Not a digestive enzyme. Use caution when mixing with anticoagulant or blood thinning medications. The ingredients in Liposomal Transzyme may enhance the activity of anticoagulant medications. Please consult your doctor before use.

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