Liposomal Bio Quercetin (formerly Bio-C) by Deseret Biologicals

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Liposomal Bio-C provides an effective dose of vitamin C and bioflavonoids in a natural and pure phosphatidylcholine liposomal delivery system. This highly absorbable combination of nutrients will help to support immune function and antioxidant activity.

Researchers have identified and classified as many as 8000 bioflavonoid compounds. They are often found in the same foods as Vitamin C (such as oranges) and both have antioxidant and immune supporting properties.1,2 The liposomal delivery system used in Liposomal Bio-C is designed to prevent the breakdown of nutrients by the digestive tract, resulting in maximum nutrient absorption. Liposomal Bio-C contains a highly absorbable combination of Vitamin C and a bioflavonoid blend for antioxidant activity and immune system support.

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