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IBS/Candida Relief Capules for Eradicating Pathogenic Bacteria and Yeast

REWARD Digestive Enzymes To Support Breakdown of Food and nutrient Absorption

MAX Replensih Dairy Free Probiotic to Reioculate the Microbiome and Support Immune Response

IgY Leaky Gut Repair provides Immunoglobulins that promote Intestial Health

Optimal Fiber for Bowel Regularity and Weight/Metabolism Support

Gultamine + AloeSoothe to Support the Mucosal Lining of the GI tract that is often damged in cases of Leaky Gut and Candida 

I designed this kit (private labeled by Xymogen) to address every facet in addressing Irritable Bowel Syndrome; it contains a product for each of the 4 R's (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair- steps in reversing IBS). The IgY product is one of Xymogen's most cutting edge products for removing opportunistic bacteria. Immunoglobulins have the ability to turn activate the immune system to a higher degree, enabling the body to organically rid itself of pathogen's. All of the products in this kit are extremely complimentary and were designed to work synergistically for combating IBS from a very Root level. This kit is an excellent choice for those who are overwhelmed with the vast array of supplements on the market and who want a very reliable "all in one," which also saves money. These products, individually purchased, would be over $270. Excellent choice for restoring the Microbiome and reversing IBS symptoms.
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