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ENL-VR by Beyond Balance

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ENL-VR™ was developed to assist the body in eliminating toxic effects of radiation.

WARNING: This formula contains herbs known to have a diuretic effect and is not recommended for use with prescription diuretics.

ENL-VR™ was developed to assist the body in eliminating toxic effects of radiation.* Studies reveal Skullcap supports the liver, purifies the blood, and aids in eliminating toxins that affect the CNS.* Skullcap is high in mineral content, particularly potassium.* It reduces inflammation and aids in eliminating toxins via the urinary tract.* Research has shown Red Clover possesses properties known to reduce inflammation, is high in antioxidant content and inhibits specific cell proliferation* Burdock has been used traditionally for support in detoxification of waste products and has been known to be a free radical scavenger.* Goldenrod may play a huge role in eliminating the pain in tissue and joints caused by this type of toxin.* It has been shown to support the gastrointestinal tract. It also offers support to the epithelium.

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