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Drena-SPPT by Beyond Balance

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DRENA-SPPT™ is a unique herbal formula designed to provide a modulating effect on the adrenals.

WARNING: Herbs contained in this formula should not be used in pregnancy or while nursing.

WARNING: DRENA-SPPT™ should not be used by those with high blood pressure or while taking blood pressure medicine.

DRENA-SPPT™ is a unique herbal formula designed to provide a modulating effect on the adrenals.* Licorice root has been traditionally used to support and improve the function of cortisol.* Studies reveal that Licorice root contains immuno-supportive and anti-inflammatory properties which may decrease prostaglandins and thereby aid in the healing of tissue.* Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to possess adaptogenic properties.* Clinical trials suggest that Rhodiola Rosea may have a modulatory effect on stress-activated protein kinase, nitric oxide, and cortisol.* Research reveals that Ashwagandha may contain modulatory or adaptogenic properties including enzymes that could aid in stress reduction.* It is thought Ashwagandha may balance the release and function of specific hormones.* While shown in studies to support immune function, Cat’s Claw may also contain significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.* Studies show Eleuthero may be adaptogenic.

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