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Bundle Starter Pack by EMF ROCKS

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EMF Rocks have Bundled all three together for you! 1 Grounding Bag, 1 Mini Grounding Bag & 1 Faraday. This will get you started with all the areas of protection you need. Clear your bed with the Grounding Bag. Carry the Mini Grounding Bag wherever you go. Put your phone in the Faraday Bag to protect you from your phone and your phone from Contact Tracing.

The Tesla Rocks Grounding Bags are used as-is to repel EMF and recharge you. All to give you a deep, uninterrupted sleep and for on-the-go protection. The Grounding Bags contain the healing pulse of the earth. It is filled with hand-mined, pink Tesla Crystals inside of a military-grade Faraday bag. You will not find these magnetic, colloid crystals sold anywhere else. Keep the bags sealed so the crystals do not dry out. They have the most incredible medicinal qualities when they are in rock form.

The Faraday Bag is so versatile. It is used to protect you from your phone and your phone from you. It will protect all electronics from any electromagnetic pulse (EMP). It will protect your credit card information from getting stolen. Everyone's new favorite, it will protect your phone from being found on the map from Contact Tracing. The phone will still ring, but your location on the map will not show up.

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