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2-Builder by Systemic Formulas

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  • Nuritionally supports a tissue's inherent building function during the building cycle 
  • Strong affinity for the digestive system
  • Supports the normal rebuilding processes, e.g. post exercise, post trauma, post cleansing
  • Designed to magnify the supportive impact of BioFunction formulas

Designed to be paired with a BioFunction formula that targets a specific tissue, e.g. B (Brain) + #2 (Builder) in tandem. This formula provides nutritional support for cellular integrity of the targeted tissue or organ during its normal building cycle. Helps relax the targeted tissue and enhance its, self-maintenance processes during the tissue’s restful, re-construction cycle.

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1-2 capsules with a BioFunction or other formula, twice a day, for 2 to 4 weeks.

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